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Jade v McKenzie - Custom thai boxing match

Gorgeous grapplers Jade and McKenzie have built up their reputation because of their wrestling skills on the mats.

But, sometimes, we like to take these ladies out of their perceived comfort zones and see how they cope! And boy do these two girls pack a punch in the thai boxing ring!

Such is the seriousness of this one, the boss herself Monica is chosen to referee the bout. And it seems she has her work cut out right from the start as the girls exchange glares and verbally joust with each other from opposite corners of the ring!

I tell Jade & Mckenzie I want a good clean fight!

But Monica makes it clear she wants a good, clean fight and explains the rules of this thai boxing/wrestling crossover fight.

At the first bell it is Jade - in the pink shorts and blue gloves - who comes out with some purpose landing a few blows before taking her blonde rival down to the ground.

The white shorts and red gloves-clad McKenzie is no pushover and she does her best to fend off the attack but Jade is determined and strong enough to get the first pin!

The action really hots up as McKenzie comes out fighting and again they take their grudge to the mats, rolling around the ring trying to land some killer blows of her own.

After a quick break at the end of the round, these two beauties go right back at it and McKenzie’s determination sees her level the scores in round two with a pin of her own!

The drama levels increase as one of the fighters sneaks into the lead with a cross body pin just on the bell for the end of the round!

Jade & Mckenzie mean business!

Neither Jade or McKenzie wants to lose this and despite tiredness setting in as the match wears on, they continue to land some vicious body punches and display their wrestling prowess to earn more points.

By the end, there is a clear and deserved winner - much to the disappointment of the loser!

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