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Hex Dominates

“I’m gonna kick your ass” - the ominous opening words from blonde beauty Hex as she faces off against a surprisingly cocky Andrew.

Although he is always willing to take on a challenge at MWC, it still takes us aback when he displays the confidence he does before this match!

Unsurprisingly, it proves his bravado was without substance and he is shown this after a few seconds when Hex grabs him in a head lock and takes him down before schoolgirl pinning him.

Hex taunts him as he finds himself stuck and unable to escape as she starts to torment him using a variety of moves!

Andrew in the clutches of the beautiful Hex

A facesit brings the first submission and Andrew has no let up as he immediately finds himself caught in a grapevine pin. When she follows this up with a kimura, we realise that this girl has the skills to inflict the ills and Andrew must have been wondering what he’d gotten himself into!

Hex continues with her remorseless demolition job, prompting more and more cries of pain and anguish from Andrew as she racks up the submissions in her favour.

These arrive through a variety of moves such as arm bars, head locks, smothers, body scissors, schoolgirl pins and facesits.

Hex has the sweetest of smiles but there is a vicious fighter behind it. And she certainly enjoys trash-talking, mocking and taunting her hapless victim as he struggles to cope with her.

She even gives the camera a big smile and a victory pose in the middle of the match - such is the torture she inflicts on Andrew!

Hex has Andrew trapped

Andrew does make some effort to make her tap but he is unsuccessful. “It’s kinda cute when you try” summing up what Hex thinks of him!

A head scissor wraps up the wrestling but Hex isn’t done. She continues the torture before she finally celebrates with a victory pose!

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