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London dominates Nick

There is nothing worse than seeing a cocky ‘big’ guy boasting. But then there is nothing better than seeing that cocky ‘big’ guy getting their comeuppance!

Nick fits the bill of the said cocky big guy who is full of himself and sure of victory against the beautiful London.

They meet in the ring and Nick immediately laughs at an unamused London, pointing out the huge size difference between the pair.

Nick's under there somewhere

But London is hardly the sort to get intimidated despite the fact that Nick is talking a very good game. And we soon find out just why she isn’t worried about him in the slightest!

Nick is immediately surprised by how tough and strong she is and London shocks him further when she cuts him down to size and pins him.

A chokehold and body scissor combo soon has him tapping - not to mention going red in the face from the torture being inflicted onto him.

And the submissions just keep on coming. London is smiling and taunting him as she almost crushes his head between her powerful thighs.

The anguish on his face tells the story as you can see just how much pain London is dishing out.

Headlocks, arm bars, figure fours - they are all forthcoming as Nick struggles to cope with the blonde’s onslaught!

London punishes poor Nick

London wears a lovely smile on her face throughout and her constant trash talk demonstrates just how much fun she is having at his expense.

Nick was looking well beaten before we’d even got to the halfway stage while London looked as fresh and hungry as ever, desperate the ram his earlier boasts back down his throat.

His begging does him no favours either as London continues her attacks before finally tying him up in the corner and finishing him off with a stink face!

London enjoys her victory and demonstrates exactly why you should not underestimate her!

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