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Ace beats down and dominates Dave

You can’t fault Dave’s heart and bravery for stepping in the ring with the Bulgarian power house Ace.

But even he must have been having immediate second thoughts when he stepped between the ropes to be confronted by the ninjutsu expert wearing boxing gloves and looking ready for action!

Ace wastes little time in attacking and jabbing Dave, who has no option but to retreat and get on the defensive.

Ace has got Dave in trouble

And sure enough, the tall and muscular beauty has him under control and exactly where she wants him.

Within a minute, he has to submit to her for the first of many times after she gets on top and catches him in a vicious guillotine. The tone is set for the rest of the match!

Ace is full of energy and hungry to inflict more damage on him as she starts to go through her vast repertoire of skills using head scissors, arm bars and, of course, more jabs to keep him under control.

Ace uses the jabs to keep him under control as she stays light on her toes and bounces around looking for openings.

Yes that is Dave down there Ace

She uses a host of moves to bring submission after submission and Dave - although still willing to try - is soon looking dejected.

At one point, a truly nasty looking ankle manoeuvre has the poor man screaming in pain and slapping the mat down hard to submit.

In fact, the ring is filled with Dave’s moaning and groaning from all the pain as Ace throws him around and makes him suffer for daring to step up to challenge her.

Ace is truly at her dominating best as she beats him up and teaches him a harsh lesson about how tough she really is! It’s a well deserved victory pose at the end!

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