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Maggie dominates Monica - custom

It’s extremely rare to see the powerful and strong Monica dominated by any other wrestler but that’s exactly what happens here when she squares off against Maggie.

The MWC boss looked confident and assured as usual at the start and even briefly looked to take the early advantage.

Maggie has Monica well and truly pinned

But she didn’t expect Maggie to turn the tables on her in a superb show of strength. “I’m on top and this is where I’m gonna stay!” Maggie defiantly tells her.

Monica, as you’d expect from such a warrior, tries to escape and fight back but it’s fair to say that Maggie isn’t in a charitable mood.

Maggie pins her, keeps her under control and, despite her wriggling and energetic attempts at escaping, Monica is trapped.

As Maggie cranks up the pressure and force of attacks, Monica realises she is in big trouble and starts shouting for “HELP!”

Throughout Monica’s ordeal, Maggie taunts and trash talks her while also flexing her muscles to illustrate just exactly what her rival is up against.

Maggie unleashes a torrent of moves to cause pain to Monica including schoolgirl pins, grapevine pins, body scissors, head locks and cross body pins.

Maggie dominating Monica

Of course Monica keeps trying to fight back - a woman as proud of her was always going to. But Maggie soaks up the pressure and hits her back twice as hard!

After an extremely one-sided encounter Maggie goes for a devastating and prolonged face sit which has Monica desperately gasping for air and trying to escape from.

Maggie takes no pity though and smothers Monica out for a well deserved win - marked, of course, with a victory pose!

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