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Galya vs Andrew - The Rematch

No one can ever accuse Andrew of shirking a challenge because here he is, once again, taking on Gayla - not long after she kicked his butt all over MWC!

Growing in popularity, Gayla is a strong and extremely talented judo champion who is capable of taking names in the wrestling ring too.

Galya dominates Andrew with her feet

And Andrew is given a swift reminder of this, despite his beaming smile and seemingly confident outlook at the start of this rematch.

Gayla takes him down to the ground and gets to work. To his credit, Andrew does well to resist but Gayla is in control and just works her way into locking on a painful arm bar - which planting her feet firmly in his face! - to get the first submission.

Andrew tries to use his height advantage to his favour but when you can throw people and knock them down as easily as his opponent can, he finds this a fruitless endeavour!

An absolute brutal leg lock which sees Gayla stretch his limb to an angle it has probably never gone before brings another desperate tap out and shows how resourceful she is.

Andrew is seriously feeling the pain and Gayla shows no sign of letting up, using her feet and legs to devastating effect.

Galya has Andrew right where she wants him

When he does try to attack, Gayla doesn’t panic and calmly gets out of any potential sticky situations before reversing the roles and getting back on top.

The pain is etched across his face throughout the whole fight while Gayla is more like a silent assassin, relentless in her pursuit of tap outs.

Despite his spirited attempts, Andrew is a well beaten man and the match ends how is started - with Gayla torturing him with her feet smothering his face!

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