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Mia Annabella Dominates

Mia is sexy Miami girl who has been under the tutelage of none other than Megan Jones so she certainly knows how to inflict pain!

And she is more than keen to demonstrate this when she is presented with a male victim to do as she pleases with on the MWC mats!

At first, her victim seems to think it will be a gentle session and is happy to be compliant with Miss Mia.

A nice gentle session with Mia?

But he soon discovers that she is merciless and his good manners and helpful attitude will not save him from a severe beatdown.

A reverse head scissor has him tapping in just a few seconds but his ordeal isn’t over as Mia tells him she isn’t letting go and carries on squeezing!

Mia is brutal as she scissors and smothers him before applying some vicious figure four and head scissors. As he chokes and splutters, Mia tells him she likes the sound of him suffering.

And suffer he does. This is an ordeal mainly via head scissor as she continues to crush the life out of his head between her killer legs!

Just as brutal is her trash talking and mocking. She is sarcastic and disingenuous in her ‘concern’ for him but unforgiving in talking smack!

There’s not much in the way of a ‘fight back’ from her opponent but when there is a hint of it, Mia snuffs it out quickly and goes back on the attack.

She is on fire as she punishes him minute after minute. This turns out to be the longest 20 minutes of the poor man’s life!

Mia continues to be inventive and uses a variety of moves to make him suffer. Guillotines and body scissors help her keep total control and the arena reverberates to the sound of his tap outs constantly!

Breast smothers, face sits and one particularly nasty looking grapevine cause him further suffering.

Mia shows him her booty

“You were supposed to be a fun toy but you turned out to be…kinda like a dead fish!” is probably the most brutal of her put downs, not least because it is true!

His ordeal apparently comes to an end when Mia puts him to sleep…after making him beg her to do it, of course! But then, when he comes round, she puts him through it all again to make it a doubly emphatic domination win!

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