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Katarina v Clay

On paper, this looked like a great mixed wrestling match up! Pint sized spitfire Katarina taking on Clay who wasn’t a great deal taller.

But, as Clay found out, size isn’t everything - even when that size is fairly even!

Katarina has Clay trapped

They get straight into the action and it is Katarina doing the early running and forcing Clay on the back foot and then down on to the mats.

The blonde utilises her speed to get effect and manages to lock on a punishing body scissor that really has him groaning in pain before he eventually submits!

Encouraged by a watching Monica on the sidelines, Katarina grows in confidence with this and is soon taking Clay back down to the mats and, again trapping him between those powerful legs.

If he didn’t know before, Clay is certainly aware that this pocket rocket sure can make him hurt!

The beatdown continues as Katarina starts racking up the submissions in her favour with scissors and arm bars.

Beautiful Katarina spreads Clay wide

Monica continues to coach and praise from the sidelines and this no doubt helps and inspires Katarina, who seems keen on making a good impression!

She starts displaying her full array of moves including smothers, grapevines and even choking him with his own arms.

Clay does his best to resist but he is mere cannon fodder for the increasingly confident and assured blonde. There really is little he can do to stop the onslaught!

Katarina is relentless and seems to have the taste for more and more submissions as the match wears on.

Her most impressive moment comes when she catches poor Clay in a head scissor and leg lock combination - showing off her skills and resourcefulness to great effect.

By the end, Clay looks like he has been steamrollered and all that is left for Katarina to do is enjoy a couple of last minute submissions - including stretching his legs to angles they really shouldn’t be able to go!

A devastating display of skill and power from the little dynamo!

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