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Mixed Wrestling Party April 2018 Report

It has already been well established that there ain’t no wrestling party like a Monica’s Mixed Wrestling Party and this fabulous event only enhanced that!

A total of 23 of the most stunning and gifted wrestlers from the UK and European session wrestling scene descended on Walthamstow to enjoy the first MWC party of 2018.

The music was pumping, the food and drink flowing and the punters cheering and enjoying themselves throughout as the girls put on one hell of an event.

And we knew the show was going to be an outstanding one just from the line-up that Monica had assembled.

As usual, The Referee introduced them one by one to the crowd to rapturous cheers and applause allowing the guys to see them in all their gorgeous glory!

At this event, the European contingent was made up of the delightful Xena, Orsi and Combat Swallow. They were joined by two legends of the UK scene in Axa Jay and Jade.

The incredible IMAX girls have become firm favourites at events and parties and this time the three original members Kat, Viper and Siren brought along two of the newest Max ladies - McKenzie and Avenger!

Of course, it is always a thrill to have fresh faces at these parties and we were treated to three in the shape of Storm, Havanna and Juicy - who had also made her debut at a MWC live event last month!

No party would be complete without an energetic and entertaining warm-up and the Referee duly obliged, putting all the girls through their paces before they all fled the ring and found themselves a poor (I.E. Lucky!) guy to facesit!

And then the real fun began with the first task for the girls to undertake being the now traditional and unique ‘Jonathan’s Challenge’ where the ladies were competing for an array of wonderful goodies!

While this was going on, battles were taking place all over the venue as the guys tried their luck against the ladies through mini-matches and challenges.

And the girls were in tremendous form, forcing tap outs and inflicting pain using their skilled moves including, body scissors, arm bars, headlocks and pins amongst others. There was pain being inflicted by these sexy ladies on every inch of mat in the venue!

Of course, no MWC party would be complete without the extremely popular ‘scissor circle’ - there is just something about having their heads trapped and squeezed between sexy thighs that the guys just love!

Not only that, there is an absolutely incredible game of ‘facesit musical chairs’ which sees some of the girls battling it out to plant their shapely butts on some willing male volunteers!

There was a fabulous atmosphere throughout the whole event and the girls had immense fun showing the delighted guys exactly what they are about.

If you missed it then - unlucky! But we have captured the magic of the night across these clips so you can see for yourself why Monica’s wrestling parties are the best around!

Jade scissoring a lucky victim

Mckenzie enjoyed herself at this poor guy's expense

Derek controlled the proceedings & did an excellent job as per usual

Scissor Circle challenge time

Orsi made a welcome return

Juicy seemed to be enjoying her first Mixed Wrestling Party

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