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Lexi Dominates

A cheeky little glint in lovely Lexi’s eyes told us that she was in the mood to pound someone on the MWC mats and that’s exactly what she delivered!

The IMAX beauty signalled her intent as soon as she faced off against her male victim, greeting him with a cheery “Hello there my little bitch!” and a nipple tweak!

Amazingly, he reckons he is stronger and that only strengthens Lexi’s determination to teach him a lesson as she takes him down straight away.

Lexi smothers him in a camel clutch

She catches him in a grapevine and breast smother combination that has him giving within seconds.

Lexi taunts him telling him how easy she finds it and even let’s him have a free go at attacking her. He fails to capitalise though and Lexi is soon back where she belongs - on top!

Lexi calls him a “little wimp” and her “bitch” over and over while constantly laughing at his attempts at inflicting damage to her.

Lexi does inflict serious damage though as she catches her prey with more breast smothers, body scissors, guillotines, grapevine pins, face sits, camel clutches and even some low blows to his exposed crotch area!

Is he a lucky man having the vision of Lexi above him?

With his early confidence well and truly gone, Lexi’s victim accepts she is way too strong for him but that doesn’t do him any favours as she continues to destroy him.

Lexi does her best to give him a chance to feel tougher. “I believe in you! I believe you can show you’re more of a man than you look”!

But it’s a futile exercise and the end result is never in any doubt whatsoever. She finishes with a cross body pin and a cheery “See you loser!” as he is left lying on the mats, utterly destroyed!

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