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Ivy v Rocko - Gi match

Ivy is a woman of many devastating talents with martial arts - BJJ in particular - being one of them.

So when she faced off against her brave male rival Rocko on the MWC mats looking gorgeous in her pink Gi, we knew we were in for a treat.

After the pre-match politeness, beautiful Ivy went straight to work and took down her opponent ready to work him over.

Ivy has him at her mercy

She has great skills and resourcefulness which makes her such a great wrestler to watch and she immediately displays her ability with her use of her feet to make Rocko suffer from the start.

Ivy is in the mood and enjoys playing and toying with her determined but outmatched opponent. The trash talk and taunts are soon flowing as Rocko does his best to make a match of it.

She uses her powerful legs and sublime feet to good effect while also making him struggle in pain through arm bars, puns, body and head scissors.

Credit to Rocko - he does his very best to take the punishment. But you just know that Ivy could take him at any point of the match if she wants to!

She is thoroughly enjoying herself, making him suffer and probably wonder why he ever thought he could match up to such a skilful warrior!

Ivy chokes him with her feet

Ivy’s martial arts background is prevalent throughout, especially the use of her feet which has Rocko in big trouble on more than one occasion.

The beautiful assassin continues the assault and doesn’t give Rocko much of a breather at any point and she seems almost disappointed each time he submits!

Ivy’s Gi suit appears to have given her even more super powers than usual and the result is as dominating a performance as you can wish to see. One of you domination and foot fetish fans!

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