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Viper Dominates

Beautiful blonde Viper looked and sounded extremely confident ahead of this match and we’re not surprised.

She has the strength and skills to match her looks and facing off against this “little man” on the MWC mats was certainly not going to worry her.

Viper squeezes

And, in no time at all, we can see why she was right not to worry as she easily takes him down to the mats and starts her destruction of both his body and his ego.

Viper laughs and taunts him as she tees him up to feel the pain between her long legs. She asks if he’s ready and he says ‘yes’ but the screams that fill the air suggest he wasn’t at all!

She is quick and continues with a breast smother and cross body pin while “Little Man” seems to be still trying to work out what day it is!

She calls him her little plaything as she traps him in reverse body scissors and sends punches to his exposed belly. He’s hardly in a position to argue!

Viper has an infectious laugh and this fills the studio as she continues dismantling her prey. Face sitting and some ball busting sees his woe increase and his cries of pain get louder.

“You’re too strong!” He shouts out at one point and if there was an under-statement of the year award, he would be guaranteed it!

He has no way of stopping her relentless and speedy attacks that include camel clutches, grapevine pins, schoolgirl pins, more scissors and smothers and some eye-watering crotch slaps and punches!

Viper spreads him in a wicked grapevine

It looks as if he has passed out under a final face sit - much to Viper’s disappointment. So she gets up and plants a hard kick in a rather sensitive area to wake him back up! Wouldn’t want him missing out on her victory pose now, would she?!

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