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Diana & Monica v Jonathan

Let’s face it, Jonathan would have his work cut out taking on one of these magnificent amazons in a singles match.

But here he finds himself in the MWC ring battling the beautiful and powerful Diana and Monica in a daunting handicap match!

Does Diana really need Monica?

Blonde Diana is the first to face off against him and it’s clear within seconds that this isn’t going to end well for the gutsy guy as Diana effortlessly takes him down. A vicious arm bar brings about the first submission and you just know it’s going to be a long match for him!

But he’s a brave boy is Jonathan and not afraid of a challenge so he’s straight back into action and straight into a rather painful chokehold!

Diana is ruthless and continues to dominate and attack and bring on the pain - a crushing body scissor making hi tap out again.

Even when he tries to get an advantage while Diana isn’t ready, it ends badly for him! If feels like she is toying with him at times before pouncing like a tiger and demonstrating her power.

And just when it looks like he is set for some unexpected success of his own with an impressive guillotine, Monica comes in to break up the hold and shatter his dreams.

She takes over from Diana and starts to dismantle Jonathan. “Now you’re in trouble, aren’t you?!” These ominous words precede some exceptional double teaming which left Jonathan probably wondering what on earth possessed him to agree to such a match!

Do you feel sorry for Jonathan?

As well as some immense wrestling holds, the ladies aren’t shy about pushing the boundaries either - wedgies and spanks are enjoyed much, as is a leg and a wing!

By the end, Jonathan’s cries of ‘I give’ reverberate around the ring. He won’t forget this beating at the hands of Monica and Diana in a hurry!

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