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Ina v Monica - Pro-Style

If ever there were two wrestlers who needed no introduction, it is the legendary Ina Black and the magnificent Monica!

So, the thrill of getting both of these two superstars in the MWC ring for a prostyle wrestling match was extremely exciting to say the least!

And these two proud and strong warriors waste no time in getting started, locking up and battling across the ring.

Monica trapping Ina in a Full Nelson

And it is Monica who gets the upper hand early on as she forces Ina into a corner and starts pounding away on the bigger woman. Ina is in trouble and soon being overwhelmed by her rival as Monica looks to be in complete control.

Ina is left submitting to a vicious camel clutch and is forced to endure a lot more torture - Monica even finding time to take her boots off.

But her complacency comes back to haunt her as when she goes for a stink face, butt smother, Ina gets her breath back and turns the tables on Monica.

Soon it is Ina throwing Monica around the ring like she was just a rag doll before executing a back breaker of a sharp shooter. It’s no surprise to see Monica tap out to that one!

And the tide seems to have well and truly shifted now as Ina starts to dominate the match and Monica is left reeling from the vicious assaults.

The tables have turned as Ina traps Monica in a wicked Boston Crab

But she’s a strong and resourceful wrestler herself so does she manage to fight back against the onslaught or does Ina make her pay for the early torment she was subjected to? Download to find out.

One thing is guaranteed though - a long and torturous post-match penalty for the loser!

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