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Ina Black vs Gunfire

This is an intriguing clash between two powerhouses! The legendary Ina Black takes on bodybuilder Gunfire on the MWC mats.

It’s not often Ina will find herself matched for size and strength but she certainly looks like she’s got her work cut out when she squares up to Gunfire.

Ina has Gunfire trapped

But when you have the skills and talent that Ina possesses then you are never going to be overawed regardless of the obstacle placed in front of you.

After a handshake, Ina is immediately on the attack and takes down her rival immediately and gets to work. A submission soon follows when she applies a headlock and arm bar combination.

And Gunfire finds herself really up against it when Ina gets her down to the mats once more and forces a second submission with another punishing head lock.

Ina really starts to show off her range of moves by applying head scissors, grapevines, breast smothers and arm bars which put Gunfire in trouble.

But to her credit, the bodybuilder does her best to fight out of most of the holds and certainly makes Ina work for her success!

However, the problem she has is that Ina is relentless and never gets phased or distracted from the job in hand.

There is no escape from Ina's scissors for Gunfire

She continues to attack and continues to use her speed, power and ability to pile up the submissions in what quickly is becoming a domination session.

Gunfire battles hard throughout and deserves immense praise for never giving up - even after a bang on the head when their tussling saw them go into the wall!

But this is the Ina Black show! And she puts on a fabulous display of hard session wrestling, showing off her impressive arsenal of moves.

The show of respect by Gunfire following her comprehensive defeat demonstrates just how fabulous in in-form Ina actually is!

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