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Justice dominates Andrew

Seeing the ever popular Justice on the MWC mats is always a treat and a pleasure…unless you happen to be the poor soul who is facing off against her!

This time, that poor soul happens to be Andrew who is always up for a fight - even if his enthusiasm isn’t matched by his skills.

Justice scissors Andew's head

Justice wastes little time getting to grips with him and imposing her superiority as he initially tries to make his own mark. She is smiling as he first gets him in a head lock and then finishes off with a nasty looking figure four that makes him quickly tap.

The die is cast and Andrew looks as if he knows he is in for an incredibly long 20 minutes at the mercy of this talented beauty. An arm bar doubling her advantage within the first few minutes!

As for Andrew, his efforts remain stellar and he clearly wants to make his mark but he is helpless as Justice dishes out her own brand of punishment.

He is clearly in pain and desperate to get a measure of revenge but Justice just brushes his efforts aside and instead increases her attacks.

Andrew’s arms are really feeling the heat as Justice exploits the weakness he shows with them. She also hits him with cross body pins, grapevines, smothers and scissors.

Throughout it all, she keeps laughing and keeps taunting him, showing absolutely no pity for the predicament he finds himself in.

Justice stretches Andrew in a grapevine

By the end, Andrew has been beaten up badly and Justice takes immense pleasure in making him suffer - a triangle almost sending him out cold! A well deserved victory and post match taunt for Justice!

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