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Mckenzie Rematch

Now, don’t get us wrong. Here at MWC we always encourage wrestlers to get up after defeats, dust themselves down and then come back stronger.

And we admire this guy for doing exactly that when he squares up to McKenzie again - this time in our ring of pain!

Mckenzie squeezes his head

But, it’s hard not to question how he didn’t learn any lessons from the total schooling he received at the hands of the gorgeous blonde last time they met on our mats.

And the point does not go unnoticed by McKenzie as they start. Her foe, on the other hand, seems to have a death wish as he tells her that she got “lucky” first time around!

Well, she gets “lucky” within a minute of the contest starting as she traps him in a body scissor and head lock combo that has him screaming and then tapping out in desperation!

McKenzie is in an unforgiving mood and this isn’t helped by her opponent getting cocky with her on more than one occasion.

But she has all the skills to knock the arrogance and confidence out of him and she does this with ease - a head scissor that’s so brutal that we’re amazed he didn’t pass out in pain!

McKenzie demonstrates who resourceful and talented she truly is - reacting to any of his feeble attacks while hitting him from all angles through her range of moves.

And, as a result, the submissions flow like water from a leaking tap. All that he has left is to carry on with the chat - but his mouth is writing cheques his ass can’t cash!

She, on the other hand, just grows more and more confident and seemingly desperate to make him suffer. “Submit bitch!” she taunts when she has him trapped once again in those gorgeous legs!

Mckenzie in full control

At one point, she locks on a grapevine that is eye-watering painful and gets even more intense the more he tries not to resist it!

His back chat slowly dies while McKenzie’s taunts increase as she enjoys the pure beating she is dishing out.

She finishes him off in some style and celebrates her easy victory. We just hope he has learned his lesson this time!

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