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Ina Black vs Miaannabella

MiaAnnabella is a proud American and she’s out for revenge when she faces off with the formidable legend that is Ina Black on the MWC mats.

This is the second US opponent for Ina and Mia was an interested viewer as she witnessed what Ina had done to her tough compatriot Megan Jones.

And, despite Ina’s dismissive laughter in the face of her challenger, Mia is determined to restore some pride for Team USA!

But talk is cheap and backing brave words up when you are facing off against Ina Black is a lot easier said than done.

Mia tries to scissor Ina

Ina is soon woman-handling her smaller opponent with ease and Mia realises the predicament she is in.

However, the feisty American is resourceful and uses every trick she can to fend off the attacks - including tickling!

But Ina announces she is merely playing with Mia like a doll before getting really angry which spells further trouble!

Submissions start flowing as Ina uses armbars, head scissors, body scissors and smothers to control Mia. She even hoists her up and carries her around the studio on her shoulders at one point to demonstrate her domination.

Mia must feel like she is being challenged to move a mountain as Ina just isn’t affected or fazed by her at all.

Ina traps Mia in an Armbar

That is until Mia springs an unexpected surprise and catches her in a breast smother that even the great Ina Black cannot handle so well!

But she just delays the inevitable and only provokes Ina into dishing out more punishment before finishing her off. We don’t think Mia will be rushing back in a hurry to get revenge for this one!

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