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Ina Black vs Megan Jones

MWC was delighted to welcome American beauty and powerhouse Megan Jones to these shores.

And her appearance certainly piqued the interest of the legendary Ina Black who was chomping at the bit to meet her on the mats!

Despite giving away a lot in terms of size, Megan was unfazed though and approached this fight with the same confidence and enthusiasm she has become renowned for.

Ina Black has Megan Jones trapped

But there are few who can match the sheer strength, skill and experience as Ina anywhere in the session wrestling world and Megan certainly won’t have met many like her!

Despite her efforts to get her trusted scissors locked on or to use the strength she possesses, Megan finds herself taken down and controlled by Ina, who simply laughs at her attacking efforts.

Ina’s superiority brings about the first submission of the match when she executes a rather painful looking single leg camel clutch.

Megan is a gutsy wrestler and she continues to go on the attack and tries to turn the tables on Ina - forcing the Eastern European to shout out “She’s strong!” at one point.

But Ina is ready for the challenge and more so ready to increase her advantage, often pinning her smaller foe or using scissors, arm bars and bear hugs to keep her under control.

Megan’s mood is not helped much by Ina who keeps laughing throughout! She even tells the American that she is being nice to her and really likes her!

Ina Black laughs as she dominates Megan Jones

Despite her spirited efforts, Megan is well beaten in the end of what becomes a domination match. It will be a long time before we see Megan dominated in this fashion again! Ina’s victory pose is well deserved and enjoyed!

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