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Ivy Ballbusting

With her gorgeous face and sweetest of smiles, Ivy looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. But don’t be fooled!

Behind that smile is a ruthless and remorseless warrior who simply enjoys destroying men in the ring in any which way she can.

Rocko is the victim here when he steps between the ropes to face off with her. He is becoming a favourite here at MWC because of his willingness to take on all comers in all matches but he simply wasn’t prepared for this one!

Ivy is wicked

It’s clear from the start that, not only is Ivy in the mood to destroy him with her wrestling skills but also to literally bust his balls.

They start and Ivy soon forces him into the corner and gets to work - ramming her foot between his legs and presses hard!

She starts ragging him around like a doll and doing as she pleases as Rocko does his best to survive her onslaught. Ivy shows her strength by holding him in place while attacking his crown jewels with her feet, knees, or anything that will cause him eye-watering pain.

Ivy is relentless and it’s not just his balls that she targets. She uses her amazing feet to choke him, kick him in the thighs, punch him in the stomach and even use the ropes in another choke hold.

We also see her use her legs to great effect, catching him in head and body scissors alongside arm bars and camel clutches.

This is brutal domination with some serious pain being dished out. Poor Rocko doesn’t know what’s hit him!

Ivy scissors Rocko

But ultimately, it’s his balls that she really wants to destroy. And destroy them she does in a most devastating way - finishing on top and squeezing the life out of them with her feet.

This is an incredible display of wrestling, domination and ball busting from a firm favourite in the scene!

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