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Baby Max v Swallow - Tickle match

Baby Max and Swallow are two spitfires are capable of taking and dishing out punishment to their victims - so it was interesting to see how they’d cope when being tickled into submission!

They meet on the MWC mats and both are laughing before they’ve even got to grips with each other which gave us a sign that this was going to be quite a match.

From a wrestling point of view, they appear evenly matched as they battle on the mats but the big question is: who is the most ticklish?

Baby Max on top of Combat Swallow

Baby gets some of the early attacking in and, sure enough, she appears to have found a ticklish spot and Swallow is chuckling away and writhing around trying to avoid her.

But Swallow struggles to escape and Baby continues the tickle torture in the early minutes of this contest. The blonde IMAX beauty announces she is determined not to get tickled on this occasion.

Meanwhile, Swallow is too busy filling the MWC air with her loud laughs and screams - seemingly powerless to stop Baby’s onslaught.

The screams of laughter filled the studio

But despite looking as if she was having the time of her life under Baby, Swallow eventually turns the tables and decides its time she dished out some of the punishment.

However, Baby is staying true to her word and determined not to be the one on the receiving end on this occasion and she makes it difficult for Swallow to work her over.

They continue to roll around on the mats while their cackles fill the air for 30-odd happy minutes.

As the match nears the end, Baby continues her dominance and is refusing to stop tickling Swallow despite her protestations.

Not that you can tell that Swallow is suffering at all, given the near-nonstop laughter coming from her!

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