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McKenzie dominates

Beautiful blonde McKenzie has made one hell of a splash since bursting on the scene and it’s a pleasure having her lighting up our mats again.

Her victim knows he is in for a rough bout right from the start - McKenzie wearing that big beaming smile on her face beckoning him to her ominously with a cheery “Come on then, loser!”

And the taunting continues as she takes him down and pins him with such ease that her hapless male opponent is left stunned and immediately in trouble.

She face-sits him into submission within a minute and the die is cast for the rest of this ‘contest’!

“That was a bit feeble wasn’t it? Pitiful!” McKenzie is a girl who likes a challenge and clearly feels this guy isn't going to satisfy her desires!

Mckenzie facesitting her victim

In his defence, he puts up more a battle as they lock up again but you know he is on the defensive and its just a matter of time before McKenzie reasserts her total control over him

And the submissions keep on coming. The leggy blonde already has a host of moves in her locker and she isn’t afraid to demonstrate them be it arm bars, guillotines, body scissors and pins.

She locks on a head scissor at one point which has her victim crying out in clear distress and desperately tapping out.

Throughout the whole contest, McKenzie wears that winning smile of hers and seems to enjoy each and every moment of crushing pain she delivers to her victim.

She continues the onslaught with smothers, figure fours, more face sitting, head locks and of course, utilising those legs with scissors.

And there is one particular camel clutch that looked so painful that we got back pain just looking at the pressure that was applied!

That's got to hurt as Mckenzie sinks in a deep camel clutch

We’re sure this guy did at one time try to attack McKenzie but it’s a real blink and you miss it moment!

The truth is, McKenzie found it way too easy and the ending is as emphatic as her performance throughout. She’s a real force to be reckoned with!

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