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Ivy dominates rematch

We will always give respect to any guy who is brave enough to face a wrestler as strong, skilled and dominant as Ivy.

But we have to question that guy’s sanity when he chooses to step in the ring to fight her again after he was well and truly dominated first time around!

He obviously thinks he is capable of springing a shock so he deserves some credit for that. However, any thoughts of a change in fortunes are extinguished within seconds of the start of the match!

Ivy aka Tatiana uses a camel clutch

Ivy is straight into domination mode and takes control of her opponent with consulate ease and skill.

And with the painful moves and punishment being dished out comes Ivy’s infectious laugh and unforgiving taunting.

She even seems slightly annoyed at getting him to tap easily when she has him in a head scissor - the girl clearly prefers to be challenged and extended in her matches!

Ivy is merciless as she goes through her repertoire of scissor holds, breast smothers, pins and her inventive use of her feet!

To be fair to her opponent, he does his best to resist her attacks but he is merely delaying the inevitable every time.

Of course, there are worse places you can find yourself in that between gorgeous Ivy’s thighs but when the figure four is locked on, we imagine it isn’t so much fun then!

This must have felt like the longest 20 minutes or so of this guy’s life as Ivy dominated from start to finish once again.

Ivy Tatiana squeezes his head in her scissors

One of her most impressive moments is when she pins him by the throat using her foot - the trash talking is ramped up a few notches here too!

Another sees her dragging him around the ring while his head is trapped between those incredibly powerful thighs!

This is yet another mismatch of epic proportions and probably an even bigger domination than their first encounter!

The ending is as brutal as the rest of the match as Ivy leaves him in no doubt who the loser is!

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