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Ina Black v Pippa L’vinn

There are no words that can suitably describe the extent of our excitement when these two legends of the session wrestling scene met on our mats.

The one and only Pippa L’vinn travelled down to MWC from Manchester and, being the extremely talented and experienced wrestler that she is, gleefully took on Ina in a real clash of the titans.

Ina has the size and weight advantage but that didn’t faze Pippa and with both ladies possessing such incredible skills, this looked set to be a classic. And we weren’t disappointed!

After a few seconds sizing each other up, the action goes to the mats and Ina gets on top locking on her punishing body scissors.

But Pippa is a wily and resourceful wrestler and manages to break out and turn the tables on her formidable opponent.

Within the first minute, it’s clear we are in for a treat and the action is fast paced with both Ina and Pippa displaying their amazing ability with the action swinging back and forth.

It’s hard to predict which lady is going to end victorious as the advantage keeps shifting from one to the other and they take it in turns to be on top.

We see their skills in all their glory as they fight all over the mats. Body scissors, ankle locks, pins, smothers. Their defensive knowledge and battling skills also see them escape precarious situations!

The first submission eventually comes after an ankle lock by Ina which sees Pippa reluctantly give! This at least gives them - and us - the opportunity to get our breath back!

But you don’t achieve everything Pippa has done in this sport by letting one submission stop you and she is immediately back on the attack and quickly evens the scores with a nasty looking arm bar!

This sets the rest of the contest up very nicely. More submissions come with head scissors and arm bars and head locks.

There is a decisive winner by the end but also a huge amount of respect between the warriors. This is a monumental classic and a must for all real wrestling fans!

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