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Ivy dominates

Ivy’s smile at the start of the match said it all! The talented beauty was looking to dominate a weak male and she was sure she’d found her victim!

She seemed even more pleased when her foe tried to fight back after she’d taken him down to the mats as this merely provoked her into unleashing hell on his butt!

The taunting started immediately, as did the display of Ivy’s outstanding wrestling ability. She basically locked on any move she wanted and at any time!

Her victim found himself pinned under her strong body, caught in head and body scissors that almost burst him, suffered incredible back pain as she went for a camel clutch and she even made him kiss her feet as she rubbed them all over his face.

Ivy is inventive and entertaining too. She is not one to just stick to conventional methods but the result was still the same for her victim: pain!

Within the first quarter of the match, Ivy had made him her “bitch” and there was not a single thing he could do about it.

And the impressive moves just kept on coming. Reverse head scissors, grapevine pins, face sits, pins and body scissors were having an incredibly negative impact on her opponent’s state of well being!

Ivy’s agility, speed and strength was simply way to much for her victim to handle. But she had little sympathy for him and instead continued the onslaught and continued trap him in a variety of moves as if her life depended on it!

He simply had nothing to offer in this match and Ivy knew it - hence the increased taunting as her domination increased. Ivy hardly broke sweat and wore a big smile on her face for virtually the whole match.

This is as one-sided a match can be and Ivy made sure her opponent knew just exactly who the winner was!

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