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Combat Swallow rematch

Pride can be your worst enemy. And it certainly did this guy no favours as he stepped up for a rematch with Bulgarian beauty Combat Swallow.

Swallow had previously used him to wipe the MWC wrestling mats with in an easy, domination victory.

Combat Swallow applies a wicked grapevine

He clearly hadn’t learned his lesson and decided to take on the petite but strong blonde again. The match took place in Monica’s ring this time and he probably hoped for a change of fortune too.

But it didn’t take long before he was reminded of just how and why he lost their first encounter so easily!

Swallow was straight into the attack and straight into laughing at his efforts. She took control from the very start and manhandled him across the ring.

He was trapped in head and body scissors while Swallow peppered his torso with taunts. Embarrassingly for him, there were times she’d sit there whistling as she held him in one of her painful holds!

Combat Swallow bringing the pain

Swallow was keen to show that she is getting better and better and stronger and stronger all the time and her victim here suffered greatly as a result.

But while he was writhing around in pain, Swallow was laughing at him and mocking him for his weakness.

There are plenty of her moves on show - guillotines, grapevines, head and body scissors and pins - and there is nothing her victim can do to stem the flow.

Swallow’s cackle gets louder and more frequent as the match progresses and her glances to the camera show a girl on top of her game and in full confidence!

The end cannot come soon enough for her opponent, who must have been wondering what on earth prompted him to agree to this match!

Swallow celebrates with not only a victory pose but one which allows her to stomp down on her pathetic victim’s battered body!

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