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Jade v Baby Max tickle match

Competitors are usually full of smiles as they enter tickle matches but the stare-down between these two sexy ladies before this one suggests this is one is much more serious than that!

And its all business as they go at each other and Jade takes Baby down. The brunette uses her skills on the petite blonde to leave her arm pits exposed and then…it’s tickle time!

There are laughs but Baby squirms and fights hard to try to escape from Jade’s clutches.

However, Jade is having way too much of a good time keeping Baby where she wants her and subjecting her to non-stop tickling.

Jade has Baby at her tickling mercy

Jade is inventive and goes searching for all the tickle spots she can find on Baby’s body. All Baby can do is shriek out and giggle in equal measure as she finds herself at her rival’s mercy.

Baby tries to fight back but she is disappointed to find that Jade isn’t ticklish on her bum - although we’re sure the IMAX beauty enjoyed fondling her bum in any case!

Jade is merciless as she keeps Baby trapped and exposed to her wandering fingers which are itchy to tickle!

She’s not just alert and ready to attack though as she thwarts Baby’s efforts to turn the tables at every turn.

But Baby is resourceful and determined to get her own back! During one moment when Jade seems to be comfortably in control, Baby picks her moment and hits back - causing Jade to yelp and shriek as she is tickled.

Baby isn't going anywhere as Jade as her trapped

This only serves to make Jade raise her game and attack with even more gusto. Baby’s screams reverberate around the MWC studio where they are doing battle.

Jade is full of taunts, calling Baby a “loser” - there is certainly no doubt about who the winner is at the end of this one!

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