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Lisa King v Amethyst tickle match

This is an epic tickling contest between two popular beauties in the session wrestling scene - Lisa King and Amethyst Hammerfist!

They have contrasting styles and looks but the start of the match is noticeable for one thing - their clashing blue attire!

Amethyst Hammerfist and Lisa King prepare for Tickle War

Lisa is confident and appears to have done her homework, telling Amethyst that she has been given useful tips on her tickling weak spots!

But tips are only useful if you can act on them and Amethyst is unfazed at what knowledge her rival might have and goes straight to work.

She takes control of Lisa and starts tickling which provokes Lisa’s loud Scouse cackling to fill the MWC air!

However, Lisa is a seasoned pro when it comes to all forms of wrestling - even tickling - and she soon has Amethyst squealing and shrieking as she finds those tickle spots.

Both of these gorgeous ladies produce the perfect blend of wrestling and tickling and are successful in ensuring each suffers at the hands of the other.

It’s back and forth stuff. Whenever one lady gets on top and seemingly in control, her rival battles out of her predicament with some expert tickling.

Halfway through it seems one has finally got the upper hand and starts subjecting her opponent to some lengthy torture. But never relax or switch off against one of these pair - they are more than capable of turning the tables.

Amethyst Hammerfist has Lisa King at her tickling mercy

And that’s what happens here - the girl who was winning ends up defeated and suffering from prolonged tickle torture!

The taunts and the victory pose are enjoyed immensely.

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