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Mia Annabella v Monica

The UK and USA might traditionally have a special relationship but all that goes out the window in this trans-Atlantic battle!

Our very own Monica takes on Miami’s Mia and there is definite needle in this one after Mia had posted some tweets on Twitter that riled the MWC boss up!

Monica trapped in a reverse grapevine by Mia Annabella

Both are definitely up for this and soon lock up to show just who the better wrestler is.

And the fighting is intense right from the word go as they try to inflict as much pain as possible on each other.

As they fight across the mats, the pendulum switches between both as first Mia appears to have the advantage before Monica turns the tables.

They use holds such as grapevines, body scissors, head locks and smothers in an effort to get on the scoreboard.

And first is drawn by Monica when she catches Mia in a crushing body scissor and head lock combo that has the American screaming in agony.

Mia’s not one to take such things lightly though and she is straight on the attack, trapping Monica between those python like legs of hers.

Mia Annabella has Monica pinned

Monica is a wily and experienced fighter though, not to mention extremely strong, and she soon fights her way into a position where they are locked in a double body scissor!

Mia though is smart and she tickles her way out of the predicament to get back on top! A heads scissor after a monumental struggle bringing her scores level.

And the intensity and brilliant hard wrestling doesn’t let up as these two proud fighters give it their all to secure the win.

A vicious head lock has one of them tapping out in sheer pain. But then the match gets more intense when an argument breaks out over an alleged break of the rules!

There is another submission and a decisive winner but who won this British v American clash? Download to find out!

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