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Monica v Megan HD

Now, this is a truly mouthwatering and exciting clash between two strong, beautiful and experienced wrestlers.

Miami grappler Megan takes on MWC boss Monica is a fast paced and thrilling encounter that more than lived up to the hype!

Megan Jones scissoring Monica hard

It’s clear right from the very start that these two are more than good match for each other and its not often they will face such strong challenges on the mats.

They go at each other with great gusto and roll around the mats trying to outdo one another using body and head scissors, head locks, pins and smothers.

Each time one looks to have the upper hand, the other escapes and tuns the table to get on top.

Their moans and groans fill the MWC studio air while their faces are contorted with pain as the intensity rises in this titanic tussle!

Even Boston crabs and throat crushing guillotines are resisted as both ladies demonstrate to one another just how tough and stubborn they can be.

They put absolutely everything into this and are all hot and sweaty as they work hard to get ahead and on the road to proving who the better woman actually is.

As well as the skills and stamina on show, what’s extremely impressive is just how much punishment both ladies are able to take! Some of the ordeals they are put through would break lesser wrestlers but they fight through them and keep on coming back for more.

As this slobber knocker continues, some dirty tricks come into play prompting admonishment from each fighter!

Megan Jones and Monica squeeze each other in a double bodyscissors

The match ends, appropriately with them both locked in a double body scissor with neither girl willing to submit or let go. They shout and scream at each other but neither appears willing to budge or give it up. As the clock ticks down, does one of the ladies finally give in? Download this incredible contest to find out!

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