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Introducing LOTTIE!

Meet Lottie – another glamorous new recruit to MWC! 

One glance at the pics below tells you that Lottie is in fantastic shape. She's an accomplished athlete and a first-class equestrian. That toned physique is ideal for wrestling, as she's certainly shown in her training sessions!

Her legs are fantastic scissoring weapons, and many's the opponent who's tapped to them! Combined with her great cardio stamina and you'll see she's got great wrestling potential!

Lottie measures 5ft 4 (1.63m) and 120lbs (55kg) and is available for semi-competitive and light wrestling, scissors and facesitting sessions.

Her availability is currently limited to Saturdays – but rest assured, it's well worth making the effort!

To fix a session, email us HERE or call Monica on 0788 187 2505.

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