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Introducing LOLA!

Meet Lola! One of the most exciting new wrestling talents we've come across!

Lola is one of the fastest learners we've ever met. She picks up holds in record time, and has a fantastic competitive spirit. Added to the fact that she just happens to be drop-dead gorgeous with a great sense of humour, you'll have worked out she's a must-see for your next session!

Lola is 5ft 6 (1.68m) and weighs 115 lbs (53 kg). She'll take you on for semi-competitive and fantasy wrestling, one-sided boxing and lift & carry (size permitting).

Lola's fast, flexible and super-fun to get on the mats with. She especially loves wrestling with guys, so you've got no excuse!

To fix a session with Lola, just email us HERE or call Monica on 0788 187 2505.

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