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JET STAR - 20th-21st June 2019

I am in my late 30's very glamorous, long natural dark thick hair, dark eyes, standing at 5'10 (6'3) in heels. I have beautiful long strong athletic legs and a round peachy bottom, my bust size is an ample 32F.... think Wonder Woman??? :)))

I swam competitively through my teenage years and early twenties, progressing then to gym based activities such as bikini fitness and Crossfit. I have also studied martial arts mainly Muay Thai. I also have a little experience in orthodox boxing. I have recently progressed to wrestling with my favourite holds being scissor holds, choke holds, arm bar and the half nelson.

The prestigious and well known in the wrestling world place that I work from has a ring, a large matted area and private matted rooms with shower and refreshment facilities.

I like my sessions to be sociable and fun. You won't be disappointed!!​


To fix a session, simply email here.

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