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WOW! We are still trying to catch our breath after yet another pulsating live event at Monica’s Wrestling Centre. The September 2016 show demonstrated everything that is exceptional about live, competitive wrestling.

We were treated to eight talented beauties doing battle in eight fantastic, sweaty and hard fought matches that will live long in the memory.
Special guest wrestlers for the event were Judoka black belt holder Diana and skilful and experienced wrestler Klaudia, who’d made the trip to London from the Czech Republic - much to the delight of the audience.

And the Eastern European flavour to the show was spiced even further up by the muscular powerhouse that is MMA fighter Jaki!

But the Brit pack were well represented too! Gifted and flexible wrestlers Justice and Trouble Maker left the watching crowd on the edge of their seats with their skills and will to win!

The stunning Sahara Knight and Amethyst Hammerfist might be small in size but both have the hearts of lioness’ and their speed and intensity, not to mention their vast array of moves, set the pulses racing in their matches.

And completing the line-up was Axa Jay - a fan favourite wherever she goes - who bought her incredible strength and superb wrestling ability to the party.

From the fast-paced, energetic start to the showstopping finale, the MWC September 2016 event was one of the most competitive we have seen.

The girls brought everything they had - perfectly executed holds, surprising reverses, solid defences and decisive winners - and left it all in the Ring.

Each match was worth the entrance fee alone but you can own every single one with this red hot DVD!

Content: 1. Amethyst Hammerfist vs Trouble Maker 2. Axa Jay vs Jaki 3. Klaudia vs Justice 4. Sahara Knite vs Amethyst Hammerfist 5. Diana vs Klaudia 6. Justice vs Trouble Maker 7. Sahara vs Axa Jay 8. Diana vs Jaki

Double Boxed DVD Running time: 180 min


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