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Zoe Page dominates Chicken Boy Dave

We know what Chicken Boy was probably thinking. “Oh Zoe Page is just a model trying her hand at wrestling, I’ll take her no sweat!” But he’s in for a surprise.

The beautiful Zoe struts around the MWC mats confidently and waves away his dismissive label of her being a new girl by telling him she’s as old as they come (the youngest looking old girl we’ve ever seen!).

Chicken Boy soon seems a little mesmerised and nervous with his fears confirmed when she suddenly attacks with great speed and takes him down to the mats after catching him in a headlock.

She’s clearly not just a pretty face and starts to demonstrate her strength and wrestling skill on his poor unprepared puny little body.

Not only does Chicken Boy have to suffer physically, gorgeous Zoe treats him to a running commentary as she dominates him with ease.

And there are, of course submissions. Zoe takes him apart with head locks, body scissors, arm bars, school girl pins, face sits, figure fours, grapevine pins and head scissors as she puts him through the grinder.

She has a glorious smile and that never leaves her face as she just relishes bringing a world of hurt on to Chicken Boy’s beleaguered body.

Despite her sweet looks, Zoe is remorseless and vicious when she wants to be and there is enough venom behind her attacks - both the verbal and physical ones - to give him nightmares for months.

It’s a master class by Chicken Boy. A master class in how to get your butt kicked, that is. Zoe, on the other hand is simply irresistible from start to finish.

The end comes mercifully for Chicken Boy, even though he is sent to la la land by Zoe! She on the other hand looks extremely pleased with her handiwork - and so she should!

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