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Safia Vanquished

Madame Vanquish just loves beating down and dominating others and she has been particularly enjoying tearing through a long list of ladies on the MWC roster.

This time, she finds the impressive beauty Safia standing in front of her on Monica’s mats ready to take on the mountainous challenge before her.

Safia is an impressive wrestler and athlete and doesn't seem particularly phased - even taking down her tough opponent as the match got underway.

But its one thing taking advantage of a situation when you are invited to do so and another maintaining such advantages, and Madame Vanquish wastes very little time in turning the tables and imposing her will on her opponent.

There is a look of sheer evil and mischief in the dominatrix’s eyes as she traps Safia in a body scissor and head lock combination that has her poor victim wincing and struggling in obvious pain.

Naturally, the submissions start to emerge as Madame Vanquish takes things up a notch or three - starting with a nasty ankle lock that Safia is worrying about as soon as it is put on her.

Despite Safia’s obvious and creditworthy effort, her stronger foe just won’t be denied and keeps on making her tap whether it be through cross body pins, arm locks, body scissors, head locks and a seemingly never-ending array of moves Madame Vanquish has in her locker.

The domina also enjoys it when Safia tries her own attacking moves because, let’s face it, all good fighters enjoy a challenge. But Safia has no answer to the dominance being exerted on her and it really is an incredibly hard lesson she is given here.

She can take some heart though that she did make Madame Vanquish sweat and work for some of her submissions - even if she did end up being just another knocked out victim who fell to the dominatrix.

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