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Rosie vs Gabriela Plainte

The two gorgeous babes Rosie and Gabriella were a massive hit with the punters who attended the delightful MWC Christmas Party last year.

So we thought why not pit the two of them against one another in the tight space of Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Mats of Doom Room where they can fight it out and see who emerges victorious?!

As ever, they were game, and they wasted no time at all getting to grips with one another and showing each other what they’ve got. Rosie obtained a head lock while Gabriella hit her with a bear hug and the painful squeeze was on!

Soon they were going blow for blow with excruciating wrestling moves being applied on each other and causing the air to be filled with their shrieks of pain and agony as the pressure was applied.

They hit each other with leg locks, body scissors, breast smothers, camel clutches, guillotines, head locks, grapevine pins and combination holds done perfectly.

There may not be a great deal of space in the Mats of Doom Room but Rosie and Gabriella made the most of it as they seemed to fight on every inch of the mats they were battling on!

And it was an even match too - every time it seemed one girl was going to take control, the other would come roaring back and we were treated to a fabulously intense battle as they earned each and every submission the hard way!

Rosie and Gabriella fought hard right to the very end desperately searching for the win. Every effort was made not to give in to moves no matter how much pain they were in as they tried to prevent points going to their rival!

One of the girls did emerge on top - just about - and she was certainly delighted with her day’s work!

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