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Rebel vs Luna K

There is always something exciting about seeing two fabulous women of contrasting looks and styles facing off against one another in a Shiny Pro Ring Girls battle!

And that is precisely what we had when the Rebel and Luna K climbed through the ropes of Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring Of Pain to take each other on.

Immediately, we can see a difference with Rebel looking threatening in her corner as she thumps and headbutts the turnbuckle whilst unleashing a menacing cackle in the direction of her opponent.

Luna K meanwhile is a picture of calm as she warms up her fit body before a quick flex of the muscles to pose for the camera, suggesting to us that she is ready for the challenge!

However, that soon changes when the bigger Rebel marches up to her and has her backpedaling into the corner calling for the non-existent referee!

Mind games is only one weapon in Rebel’s armoury though and she soon has her hands on the Welsh warrior and is inflicting her brand of pain to induce screams of pain and distress.

Rebel has zero compassion or remorse for any of her victims and Luna K soon discovers this as she is put through the grinder with her begging and wailing providing no hint of sympathy from her dominant opponent.

Luna K is subjected to camel clutches, ankle locks, knees and boots to the stomach, hard slams to the canvass, chokes, hair pulls and scissor holds in a relentless attack.

That’s not to say Luna K doesn’t get her own licks in either. Rebel is soon reminded that she isn’t facing a jobber with forearm smashes to her back and a boot to the neck!

The ending is brutal and the winner is delighted with her work as her victim is laid out cold!

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