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Raven Dominates Cocky Gary

We don’t know what they put in the water in Birmingham, but we’re beginning to wonder if there is something in it which somehow manages to damage a person’s faculties!

Take Gary for instance. The proud Brummie is on a mission to teach northern girls a lesson but, as usual, he is walking smack bang into a vicious ass kicking!

Here, he faces ravishing Raven who has proved time and time again she has the skills and power to beat fellow talented ladies, let alone men.

And she wastes no time in calling upon that vast experience she has of kicking boys’ backsides here on Gary, grabbing him within seconds of them squaring off on the mats and taking him down via a vicious headlock.

He manages to grunt out a “that was lucky” in between his cries of pain but this is merely encouraging Raven to step it up even further and really get to work on taking him apart.

Naturally, the submissions start to flow as Gary struggles to cope with Raven’s all out attack - alongside some rather gloriously demeaning commentary at his expense!

She gets him in more arm bars, head locks, breast smothers, leg scissors, face sits, school girl pins, head scissors, figure four locks, body scissors and chokes and he gurgles and groans at the sheer agony of it all!

Even when he attacks (to be fair, “attack” might be a generous description!) it feels like Raven is the one in total control.

Raven’s taunts and Gary’s wails are only punctuated by the persistent sound of him slapping the mats in submission as this fine beauty takes him apart for victory.

Salt is well and truly rubbed into the wounds by Raven when she tells him he is pathetic and that she’s wasting her valuable time with him, leaving Gary to suffer alone! Awesome!

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