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Pippa Destroys Cocky Gary - Rematch

Just so we are clear and in case anyone thinks we put him up as a sacrificial lamb, Gary wanted this fight. He always wants the fights and he always thinks he can win!

Not content with being completely outclassed and embarrassed the first time around, our “hero” decided to seek revenge against the iconic Pippa L’Vinn in her ring!

He had gatecrashed the MWC ladies’ tour of Manchester determined to show the northerner’s how it’s done but, unlike our ladies, he has neither the skills, strength or talent to succeed!

Gary decided to inform gorgeous Pippa that he is the master of the ring and she was “lucky” to defeat him on the mats. Her “don’t you talk to me like that” is as menacing as it sounds and she soon went to work putting him in his place.

Pippa is capable of making the best female wrestlers in the scene cry out in agony so Gary really had no hope of getting back to Birmingham in one piece.

She gave him a taste of the bitter medicine he had to swallow first time around, only this time she seemed angrier and more insulted that he had stepped in her ring and she was determined to teach him a lesson he wouldn’t forget.

The moans and cries out in pain from Gary told us she had achieved that goal as she went through her magnificent repertoire of skills.

Face smothers, arms bars, head locks, camel clutches, scissors, ankle locks, grapevines, chokes and many inventive combinations of these had him reeling throughout.

Pippa enjoyed every second of it as she laughed and taunted him - her words are as cutting as her head scissors!

It comes as absolutely no surprise to anyone that Gary is left flat out cold by the end while perfect Pippa poses triumphantly over his prone body!

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