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Nomi Melone vs Rosie

Two exciting young talents, beautiful wrestlers and a classic blonde versus brunette encounter - we were never going to go wrong with this one.

Gorgeous Nomi and ravishing Rosie had never met on the mats before so there was a lot of anticipation as they both stepped up to do battle for Monica’s Wrestling Centre. And they most certainly didn’t disappoint.

You could see them eyeing each other up and making mental notes of the challenge each other faced before they went at each other.

One girl got on top quickly and looked to be taking control with a strong body scissor but soon discovered her rival isn’t a pushover and someone who instead fought out of a precarious position and turned the tables on her opponent.

All this happened within the first minute or so and if that was a taste of things to come, we were in for a real treat!

And then the submissions did start flowing with Nomi and Rosie achieving success through moves such as chokeholds, body scissors and leg scissors. They were rolling around and battling all over the mats with a clear desire to score an impressive victory.

The range of moves kept coming. Breast smothers, schoolgirl pins, body scissors, arm bars, cross body pins, bear hugs and impressive combination holds were on full display here.

And many of them earned tap outs and provoked howls of pain when they were locked on as both ladies gave it their all.

The action swung way and then the other and it was proving increasingly difficult to predict whether Nomi or Rosie would come out on top when this war eventually came to an end.

They went at it right until the very end of this exciting contest with both girls enjoying success along the way. Who wins? Download this brilliant clip to find out!

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