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Nomi Melone vs Princess Nikki

Oh my! We’re used to fast paced matches between two talented and gorgeous wrestlers but this one was on another level all together!

Nomi and Princess Nikki exploded out of the traps at the start of this one and it was obvious that these two wanted to fight and were not about to waste any time before getting to grips with one another!

They clashed in the middle of the mats and soon took it to the ground where the frenetic, non-stop pace saw them roll around, covering every inch of the floor, trying to get moves locked on.

They seemed so well matched that neither was able to get on top and this made it all the more exciting for us watching. We were exhausted just looking at them go at it but neither Nomi nor Nikki were letting up and their desire and endurance remained throughout.

The primal grunts and groans they were emitting was evidence of the sheer effort they were putting into this - both Nomi and Nikki wanted to win at all costs!

There were ankle locks, body scissors, metal head scissors, bear hugs, tangled limbs and combination holds in the midst of the big speed fight that was taking place. The only thing slow about these pair was the submissions. Neither was quick to submit!

This fight is the very definition of thrilling. When it looked like either Nikki or Nomi were on top, they’d find their attacks thwarted and they’d go again, rolling around like two screaming hell cats! Even wardrobe malfunctions were ignored!

Betting on who would emerge as a winner was impossible as they two scrappers were at it hammers tongs from start to finish. When the submissions came for each, it gave everyone a chance to catch their breath.

A stunning match between two fabulous beauties - download this to found out how it ended!

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