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Nairobi Destroys Fritz

Fritz looks like a determined man who is ready to rumble as he steps on to the mats at Monica’s Wrestling Centre to take on the beautiful and gifted Nairobi.

And that readiness lasts at least five seconds until the strong and talented female wrestler grabs hold of him and gets to work!

She seems to be relishing this match up right from the opening seconds and this enthusiasm is quickly translated into wrestling intensity as she works him over in brutal and unforgiving fashion!

Nairobi definitely seems to be a woman on a mission and poor Fritz is the unlucky target of someone who will stop at nothing to dominate and demean him!

She is relentless as she goes through her many moves to make him suffer physically while she leaves him in no doubt what she thinks about him when she unleashes a torrent of verbals throughout the entire match!

The thing we hear most from his mouth is lots of moaning, groaning and screaming as Nairobi does her thing!

She traps him in head scissors, cross body pins, reverse face sits, body scissors, head locks, guillotines, schoolgirl pins and combination holds which are as impressive for us to see as they are painful for him to experience.

Despite his best efforts, Fritz can do nothing to stop the onslaught and instead is left with no other option but to try to survive this serious beatdown and live to fight another day.

Nairobi on the other hand is in imperious form from start to finish and she certainly looks as if she is enjoying herself at his expense.

The inevitable defeat comes as no surprise and Nairobi finishes Fritz off in style and celebrates over his prone body with a final scream-inducing stomp to put the cherry on the cake!

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