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MWC Mixed Wrestling Party March 2023 Report

As sure as night follows day, a badass, kickass wrestling party follows a badass, kickass wrestling show at Monica’s Wrestling Centre!

The foundations of the venue were still reverberating from the thrills and spills of a hugely successful live event a few days earlier, when some of the cream of the crop in the scene descended on Walthamstow in wild party spirits.

You know the drill with these events, there is music pumping, food and drink flowing and wrestling going on in every single part of the arena that isn’t occupied by something else.

Whether it be the mats or Monica’s Ring Of Pain, these fabulous fighters will find space to beat up the men brave enough to take them on.

And what an incredible line up it was too - packed with brilliant Brits and exquisite Europeans with firm MWC favourites as well as a couple of newcomers providing some serious entertainment on the night.

The Referee did his thing and introduced the beauties one by one - London, Rapunzel, April Paisley, Bambi, Rosie, Jaki and Cheetah being no strangers to this party. They were later joined by another popular girl on the roster Axel.

The two debutants were intriguing prospects too with Sofia coming over from Germany to be part of the fun and pro-wrestler Autumn Rose adding extra spice for the guys.

Naturally, to get them into the mood, it is traditional to put the girls through their paces with a warm-up routine to ensure they are loosened up for the main course during the night.

As The Referee confessed he was too lazy to carry out this task, it was led by none other than Peckham’s own ‘Del Boy’, kitted out in his full Batman gear! (Chicken Boy)

The laughs were loud and continued as he tried to embark in a serious exercise routine - he should have known these deviant little devils wouldn’t take him seriously in that outfit (or any outfit come to think of it!)!

Once they were done with that, they were let loose on the lucky punters who’d turned up, trapping a number of them in impressive school girl pins to start the proceedings and set the tone for a fabulous evening of fun frolics!

As soon as the girls paired with the guys, the many battles were on as they engaged in wrestling matches either in the Ring of Pain or on the mats. Basically, every nook and cranny at Monica’s Wrestling Centre had duels taking place!

The one v ones gave the boys the chance to sample the talent and skills these women possess while one or two brave souls took two ladies on at once!

But, of course, it’s no party without party games and a couple of old favourites certainly had the desired effect when they were brought out.

The infamous Scissor Circle sees the ladies battling it out to see who has the hardest squeeze

while Musical Chairs is delivered with a twist - the winner being the girl who’s managed to face sit a guy right to the last man standing! It’s as amazing as it sounds!

All in all, it was another sizzling slice of entertainment which only served to whet the appetite for the other MWC Parties that will follow in the coming months.

If you missed out then there will be other chances, but you’ll be kicking yourself for missing this one! Fortunately, we’ve captured the essence of a thrilling night across these seven clips.

Get yourself a taste of a Monica’s Wrestling Centre Party here and don’t miss out on the next one!

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