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MWC July Live Event Report

Covid has made male wrestling fans suffer in almost as painful a way as they suffer when a badass woman wraps a head scissor on them and squeezes hard.

So it was a welcome return of a safe and socially distanced audience at Monica’s Wrestling Centre for a phenomenal July live event.

Nine awesome and exciting matches featuring some of the strongest, skilled and sexy senoritas the scene has to offer was just the tonic everyone needed after a tough 15 months.

There was a mix of girls who have delighted featuring old favourites who have graced shows previously as well as newcomers to the event set up. Most were from England with a little European flavour thrown in for good measure. None of them disappointed!

And you could tell the lucky guys in the crowd were loving every second as the pulsating matches have them excitedly perched on the edge from the first second to the very last.

But when you have the likes of Ivy Rain, Spice, Denise, Alora Lux, Ivy Satinee, Penny Banks and Lexi at your disposal, you’re never likely to get anything other than phenomenal wrestling are you?

The matches brought out the best that they have to offer and showed the world that it will take more than a global pandemic to dampen the spirt of MWC and these awesome shows.

Not everyone was lucky enough to be able to be there to witness the wrestling extravaganza in person but you can experience the treat (or re-live it if you were there!) through these excellent clips.

As well as the fabulous contests, look out for a little bonus action at the end of each one - these girls are strong and happy to show it in more ways than one!

It was a wonderful day and we are already looking forward to the next one! Enjoy!

Match 1 - Ivy Rain vs Denise

It is a tradition that all of Monica’s Wrestling Centre live shows to kick off with an exciting battle between two talented and ultra sexy fighters.

And, my word, we delivered big time when the incredible Ivy Rain faced off against live event debutant, delightful Denise.

The muscle goddess that is Denise has already made a huge impact in the short time she has been in the UK scene while Ivy is now a hugely popular and well established favourite on the MWC roster.

After taking a good look at Denise’s well sculpted, imposing frame, Ivy joked about being the winner but was promptly reminded by the ref she has more experience - and the early exchanges back up what he was saying!

Denise started off strongly and seemed to immediately trap poor Ivy in a punishing headlock. But Ivy battled on and showed her determination by fighting out of it and turning the tables on her strong rival, forcing her to take evasive action!

You could sense the audience - who were clearly glad to be back at a live show after a Covid enforced break - were marvelling at the early action.

The first submission came when one of the girl executed a cross body pin to force her opponent to reluctantly tap out while the second came from a headlock after some serious battling around the ring.

Denise clearly had an advantage in terms of raw strength but she was finding Ivy’s grit and skills were going to challenge her too!

They both battled hard and all over the ring through all three rounds, keeping the lucky crowd happy from start to finish.

In the end, there was a clear winner but both Denise and Ivy looked like they’d been in one hell of a war by the end. A thrilling start to the show!

Match 2 - Ivy Satinee vs Spice

The weekend saw England take on Italy in a highly-anticipated battle between two powerhouses of their sport. The countries also played each other in the football too!

Italy’s Ivy Satinee and England’s Spice have so much in common - they are super strong, super skilled and super sexy so it made perfect sense to pit them against one another in the second match of the July show.

Every single member of the excited crowd was licking their lips in anticipation as the ladies emerged and faced off against each other in the middle of Monica’s Ring Of Pain.

And as soon as they got down to the business in hand, it became obvious that this was going to be one cracker of a classic!

Both Spice and Ivy immediately demonstrated their talent on one another as they rolled around the ring vying for an early advantage.

What they also discovered was that neither of these two beauties was the sort to give in easily and that they’d have to earn each and every submission - if they were to get any at all!

There were plenty of times when both Ivy and Spice were on top and looking to hammer home their advantage, only to be thwarted by the sheer resilience of their opponent!

Their bodies were glistening in sweat and you could see the huge effort that each was putting in, giving the crowd an absolute treat as they executed body scissors, head locks, bear hugs, leg scissors, smothers and arm bars.

As you can imagine in a contest like this, there was a lot of respect between Ivy and Spice…but it was also obvious that behind the smiles they wanted to win!

And there was a winner - the narrowest of winners! - at the end and they sure enjoyed it after such an even war!

Match 3 - Alora Lux v Penny Banks

It’s always a pleasure to see new talent taking part in their first ever MWC live events and even more thrilling when we pair them off against one another!

Alora Lux and Penny Banks are no strangers to Monica’s venue but this was the first time they were going to be strutting their stuff in front of an excitable live audience - and they both looked well up for it!

Both beauties have big beaming smiles on their faces as they got to it and they were soon rolling around on the canvas trying to get the upper hand and show the crowd the skills that encouraged Monica to snap them up!

The action was immediately fast paced and thrilling as they traded a number of moves which each lady managed to wriggle out of before launching her own attack.

We felt out of breath watching as Alora and Penny exchanged body scissors, bear hugs, grapevine pins, ankle locks, figure four locks and even spanks of the backsides - they might be nice girls but there is always a glint of naughtiness in their eyes too!

Every time it looked like one of the ladies would succumb, she’d break out and turn the tables to leave her rival squirming instead. It really was “even stevens”, as the referee mentioned at one point.

The breakthrough submissions eventually came but it surprised many because up until that point it seemed neither Alora or Penny were ever going to submit!

Things continued at a fast pace while the underhand tactics were ramped up when one “slobbered” all over the other porting a cry of “You dirty bitch!”

But the wrestling remained top quality all the way to the end with Alora and Penny proving to be well matched rivals. So much so, it was a rather unique way to decide on a winner!

Match 4 - Spice v Rosie

It is always a treat to see rising MWC stars to climb between the ropes and step into Monica’s Ring of Pain at a live event and ravishing Rosie certainly fit the bill there.

But she was given a baptism of fire in her first show as she faced off against the strong and super babe that is Spice in the fourth match of the July event.

And the veteran certainly looked and acted extremely confident before the first bell had even rung as Rosie looked at the mammoth task ahead of her!

This confidence was proved to be justified in the first round as Spice stalked and then attacked her prey, trapping her in body scissors that had Rosie tapping out, clearly feeling the power of those thunder thighs wrapped around her torso.

More punishment followed as Spice locked on more body scissors, head scissors and arm bars as the game but overwhelmed Rosie tried to hang on in there and survive.

But, despite the onslaught, the blonde - who, let us not forget, only started wrestling less than two months before - kept smiling and keep doing her best to fight her way into this contest.

And fight her way into the contest she did when she secured her first submission in her career after showing Spice the power of her head lock. Rise isn't just a pretty face, you know!

Spice was never going to just take this and came out firing, all guns blazing, but she was finding a more steely and determined Rosie than before.

However, experience is a fine weapon to be able to call upon and Spice demonstrated exactly why she is one of the most highly rated fighters in the scene.

Match 5 - Denise v Rosie

It was the classic battle of the blondes wearing awesome and very skimpy attire when we pitted the formidable Denise against the ever willing Rosie.

It was clear from the start that ravishing Rosie would have her work cut out agains the Muscles from the Midlands having already been in an exhausting contest in her first match of the show.

But, if people didn’t know before, Rosie has proved she is one ever willing and extremely resilient young beauty who will take on any challenge that is put in front of her - no matter how daunting it is!

So when delightful Denise wrapped her powerful arms around her, Rosie always fought as hard as she could to try to stop her daunting rival from overcoming her.

Inevitably, Denise started securing submissions in her favour through a variety of moves, but the crowd - who always love an underdog - responded as Rosie fought hard to repeal the attacks and try to get a foothold in the fight.

Suddenly, Denise wasn’t running away with it as people might have predicted and instead, Rosie was fighting harder and harder and showing the sort of gutsy performance that is already helping making a name for her in her very short career to date.

Even when, the referee and people watching feared Rosie might have gotten an injury to the mouth, she waved off offers for an extended break - she was there to fight to the end!

The submissions onslaught that Denise might have expected in her favour never materialised while Rosie enjoyed cheers or respect and admiration for her sterling efforts.

By the end, they were both covered in sweat and looking exhausted from the three rounds of hard submission wrestling with a scoreline which, as the referee suggested, didn’t reflect the effort put in.

We clearly have two absolute stars on our hands!

Match 6 - Alora Lux v Lexxxy

The second half of the pulsating live show kicked off with the first appearance of a beauty who was just chomping at the bit to get in the MWC Ring of Pain and strut her stuff!

Lexxxy came bouncing out to face another gorgeous girl in the shape of our Alora Lux and it was clear that both of these two just wanted to get it on and entertain the lucky live audience!

And as soon as they locked up, we knew it was going to be a good one as they battled for supremacy using their strength and skill to push each other to the limit.

They had each in bear hugs and head locks and fought hard all over the canvas before finally a head lock and body scissor combination brought about reward for one of the lovely ladies.

But these girls are not the kind to just roll over and crumble at the first sign of trouble and, sure enough, the match was soon all square when a leg lock brought about a painful submission from the victim! Game well and truly on!

And this really set the tone for the rest of the fight as Alora and Lexxxy went at each other in a breathless battle that saw both of them on top at many times, only to be thwarted by the resilient other!

The match was being fought in a great spirit between the two and the respect was clear but that didn’t stop them going all out to get those all important tap outs.

We saw head locks, arm bars, body scissors, head scissors and breast smothers which brought about submissions in both Alora and Lexxxy’s favour.

It was a hard fight right to the finish which saw 10 submissions! To find out if there was a winner, download this immense battle.

Match 7 - Rosie vs Ivy Rain

“Everybody’s favourite underdog” Rosie had been given a real baptism of fire in the first half of her first ever MWC live show and things weren’t getting any easier in the second half!

Ivy Rain has established herself in the scene in spectacular fashion in a relatively short space of time so Rosie knew she’d have her work cut out.

But it was obvious that both of these beauties were well up for this one and it had all the ingredients of a fabulous match. We weren’t to be disappointed!

They soon locked up, legs entwined trying to apply head locks, breast smothers or bear hugs as they fought all over the ring looking to get the dominant position with neither willing to give it up!

When the first submission came, it didn't come easily and both Ivy and Rosie just continued giving it their all to try to get the upper hand.

We saw more breast smothers (and eye-popping wardrobe malfunctions!), body scissors, leg locks, head locks and schoolgirl pins from both ladies as well as some amazing grit and determination to avoid succumbing to the onslaught! How they withstood some of the punishment will remain a mystery to those of us watching for some time!

There were plenty of smiles and laughs along the way but make no mistake - these two wanted to win and were determined to fight hard to the end to get that win!

Both girls were on the scoresheet and it was all to fight for in the last round, making it an exciting and intriguing one for the audience who were loving every second.

By the end, there was a narrow winner but they were covered in sweat and looked like they’d been in a war. This is a must have for your collections!

Match 8 - Lexxy v Penny Banks

The penultimate fight of the MWC July live show featuring two curvy beauties who were clearly up for the challenge and keen to get their hands on one another!

Penny Banks and Lexxy had both enjoyed pulsating matches against Alora Lux before finding themselves facing off against each other and we really couldn’t predict how this one was going to go.

And straight away, it was clear that this was a great match as Lexxy and Penny locked up and started battling hard from the get go.

There were body scissors, leg scissors, smothers, head locks, arm bars, ankle locks - and this was just in the first couple of minutes!

There was also great humour too. At one point when Monica advises one of the girls in distress to submit if she’s hurting, she is met with a defiant “don’t tell me what to do Monica, you’re not my real dad!”

Despite the pain both Lexxy and Penny experiences at different points of the match, they continue to smile and fight their way out of sticky situations putting on a great show for us all.

There were moans and groans of pain, pleas from one to the other to submit, bodies glistening in sweat as these two amazons gave it their all and even almost falling out the ring at one point!.

We were still none the wiser as to who the winner was likely to be as they traded tap outs along the way and were locked going into the final round

Unsurprisingly, they flew at each other and went for it as hard as they can - determined to get that all important victory and bragging rights over one another!

In a hard fought final round which matched everything that went before, one of these gorgeous grapplers did manage to get ahead. But both Lexxy and Penny knew they’d been in one hell of a battle at the end of it!

Match 9 - Ivy Satinee vs Denise

We always like to give our fans a real tasty treat to end the MWC live events and you won’t find many more mouthwateringly scrumptious match ups than this one.

We started with an England v Italy clash and ended with one when the mega strong beauties Ivy Satinee and Denise met to close out the phenomenal show.

Both have bodies to die for and the skills and strength to match and are incredibly easy on the eye - so this was set up to be one hell of an incredible clash between the two. Even the referee decided to officiate from outside of the Ring of Pain!

As soon as they locked up, the intense battle was on as they were in a clinch dancing around the canvas before taking the action to the mats where they rolled around with headlocks on one another.

Both Ivy and Denise can take a hell of a lot of punishment too so the first submission didn’t come easily as they fought hard whenever they were on the attack of in defensive mode.

There was clearly mutual respect but also their winning mentality and desire to win kept the action intense and ensured they put every ounce they had into it.

Their bodies were covered in sweat, their tiny bikinis were struggling to keep in place and they fought all over the ring locked in holds that would have broken lesser women!

This was a total war of the muscles as the minutes and rounds ticked on while the intensity show no sign of slowing down.

Everyone was gripped by the action as we entered the last phases of the fight while Ivy and Denise battled as hard as they could. It was a tight contest but one well worth adding to your collections! The post fight extra is a treat too!

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