MWC July Live Event Report

Covid has made male wrestling fans suffer in almost as painful a way as they suffer when a badass woman wraps a head scissor on them and squeezes hard.

So it was a welcome return of a safe and socially distanced audience at Monica’s Wrestling Centre for a phenomenal July live event.

Nine awesome and exciting matches featuring some of the strongest, skilled and sexy senoritas the scene has to offer was just the tonic everyone needed after a tough 15 months.

There was a mix of girls who have delighted featuring old favourites who have graced shows previously as well as newcomers to the event set up. Most were from England with a little European flavour thrown in for good measure. None of them disappointed!

And you could tell the lucky guys in the crowd were loving every second as the pulsating matches have them excitedly perched on the edge from the first second to the very last.

But when you have the likes of Ivy Rain, Spice, Denise, Alora Lux, Ivy Satinee, Penny Banks and Lexi at your disposal, you’re never likely to get anything other than phenomenal wrestling are you?

The matches brought out the best that they have to offer and showed the world that it will take more than a global pandemic to dampen the spirt of MWC and these awesome shows.

Not everyone was lucky enough to be able to be there to witness the wrestling extravaganza in person but you can experience the treat (or re-live it if you were there!) through these excellent clips.

As well as the fabulous contests, look out for a little bonus action at the end of each one - these girls are strong and happy to show it in more ways than one!

It was a wonderful day and we are already looking forward to the next one! Enjoy!

Match 1 - Ivy Rain vs Denise

It is a tradition that all of Monica’s Wrestling Centre live shows to kick off with an exciting battle between two talented and ultra sexy fighters.

And, my word, we delivered big time when the incredible Ivy Rain faced off against live event debutant, delightful Denise.

The muscle goddess that is Denise has already made a huge impact in the short time she has been in the UK scene while Ivy is now a hugely popular and well established favourite on the MWC roster.

After taking a good look at Denise’s well sculpted, imposing frame, Ivy joked about being the winner but was promptly reminded by the ref she has more experience - and the early exchanges back up what he was saying!

Denise started off strongly and seemed to immediately trap poor Ivy in a punishing headlock. But Ivy battled on and showed her determination by fighting out of it and turning the tables on her strong rival, forcing her to take evasive action!

You could sense the audience - who were clearly glad to be back at a live show after a Covid enforced break - were marvelling at the early action.

The first submission came when one of the girl executed a cross body pin to force her opponent to reluctantly tap out while the second came from a headlock after some serious battling around the ring.

Denise clearly had an advantage in terms of raw strength but she was finding Ivy’s grit and skills were going to challenge her too!

They both battled hard and all over the ring through all three rounds, keeping the lucky crowd happy from start to finish.

In the end, there was a clear winner but both Denise and Ivy looked like they’d been in one hell of a war by the end. A thrilling start to the show!

Match 2 - Ivy Satinee vs Spice

The weekend saw England take on Italy in a highly-anticipated battle between two powerhouses of their sport. The countries also played each other in the football too!

Italy’s Ivy Satinee and England’s Spice have so much in common - they are super strong, super skilled and super sexy so it made perfect sense to pit them against one another in the second match of the July show.

Every single member of the excited crowd was licking their lips in anticipation as the ladies emerged and faced off against each other in the middle of Monica’s Ring Of Pain.

And as soon as they got down to the business in hand, it became obvious that this was going to be one cracker of a classic!

Both Spice and Ivy immediately demonstrated their talent on one another as they rolled around the ring vying for an early advantage.

What they also discovered was that neither of these two beauties was the sort to give in easily and that they’d have to earn each and every submission - if they were to get any at all!

There were plenty of times when both Ivy and Spice were on top and looking to hammer home their advantage, only to be thwarted by the sheer resilience of their opponent!

Their bodies were glistening in sweat and you could see the huge effort that each was putting in, giving the crowd an absolute treat as they executed body scissors, head locks, bear hugs, leg scissors, smothers and arm bars.

As you can imagine in a contest like this, there was a lot of respect between Ivy and Spice…but it was also obvious that behind the smiles they wanted to win!

And there was a winner - the narrowest of winners! - at the end and they sure enjoyed it after such an even war!

Match 3 - Alora Lux v Penny Banks

It’s always a pleasure to see new talent taking part in their first ever MWC live events and even more thrilling when we pair them off against one another!

Alora Lux and Penny Banks are no strangers to Monica’s venue but this was the first time they were going to be strutting their stuff in front of an excitable live audience - and they both looked well up for it!

Both beauties have big beaming smiles on their faces as they got to it and they were soon rolling around on the canvas trying to get the upper hand and show the crowd the skills that encouraged Monica to snap them up!

The action was immediately fast paced and thrilling as they traded a number of moves which each lady managed to wriggle out of before launching her own attack.

We felt out of breath watching as Alora and Penny exchanged body scissors, bear hugs, grapevine pins, ankle locks, figure four locks and even spanks of the backsides - they might be nice girls but there is always a glint of naughtiness in their eyes too!

Every time it looked like one of the ladies would succumb, she’d break out and turn the tables to leave her rival squirming instead. It really was “even stevens”, as the referee mentioned at one point.

The breakthrough submissions eventually came but it surprised many because up until that point it seemed neither Alora or Penny were ever going to submit!

Things continued at a fast pace while the underhand tactics were ramped up when one “slobbered” all over the other porting a cry of “You dirty bitch!”

But the wrestling remained top quality all the way to the end with Alora and Penny proving to be well matched rivals. So much so, it was a rather unique way to decide on a winner!