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Miss Patricia dominates Dave

The thing about our little warrior Chicken Boy Dave is we can read him like a book. And we certainly knew what he was thinking here even before he opened his mouth here!

He saw a new girl that is learning her trade and was thinking he’d finally be able to get the win under his belt that he thinks he is due for all his efforts both in the MWC Ring of Pain and the mats!

However, Miss Patricia is not only a beautiful lady with beautiful tattoos. She’s someone who already has enough skills and talent to kick the butt of weak little dweebs who are cocky enough to challenge her!

Within seconds, she had him on to his back, dropped her cute butt on his belly and then trapped him between her vicious thighs and started to squeeze!

Miss Patricia was given big laughs as Chicken Boy squealed, cried, moaned and groaned in pain whenever she ramped up any pressure.

She was brutal and relentless, enjoying every second of the beatdown as she applied body scissors, arm bars, figure fours, head locks, head scissors and even feet in his face that he absolutely hates - slapping and rubbing her tootsies in his face!

You’d be forgiven for thinking Miss Patricia had been doing this for many years and wasn’t a new addition to MWC with the way she took little Chicken Boy apart.

Not only physically but verbally too as she taunted and trash talked the poor sap while he complained and whined about the treatment he was getting!

His little head was constantly turned tomato red from all the punishment Miss Patricia was handing out and he looked spent long before the end!

She spectacularly put Chicken Boy out and then celebrated over his prone body with some style. Back to the drawing board for our hero!

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