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McKenzie Humiliates Chicken Boy Dave - rematch

We love Chicken Boy Dave and his unswerving belief in his own ability but sometimes we have to question his decision making on a regular basis.

Not content with all the previous ass-kickings he has been handed by the glorious gorgeous McKenzie, he is back to avenge the last beat down he suffered by taking her on in the MWC Ring of Pain.

“That was my mistake, I under-estimated you!” he proudly announces while McKenzie laughs at him interrupting her training to issue this challenge.

Naturally, McKenzie isn’t going to run away from his challenge and so the fight is on. As usual, in the time it took us to blink, McKenzie had him down on the mats trapped between her strong legs.

Bless her, she was probably treating the match seriously but you couldn’t tell as she chuckled at his woeful attempts at launching an attack on her!

Unsurprisingly, he wasn’t able to laugh at her attacks because they were a lot more effective and a hell of a lot more painful than anything he could muster.

Her attacks including body scissors, head locks, choke holds, figure four head locks, face sitting, school girl pins and even some good old fashioned ball busting as Chicken Boy was powerless and helpless in stopping the relentless fire from McKenzie.

At one point, when he was slumped in the corner against a turnbuckle, she even treated him to a McKenzie stink face - planting that gorgeous butt in his face.

Chicken Boy has nothing to fight back with and he wears the expression of a man who realises he made a grave mistake by challenging her for most of the match.

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