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March 22 Live Event Report

Monica’s Wrestling Centre live show - March 2022

With all the troubles going on in the wider world, one positive thing you can be sure of is Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s ability to put on memorable live events that thrill grappling fans every time. Just as we did following Covid lockdown, we got together some magnificent fighters - ranging from complete newcomers to returning legends - who battled it out in nine pulsating matches of incredible quality. The ladies came from the UK and Europe while the biggest welcome was saved for the incredible American Jeannie Hunter, who was back on British shores for the first time in 20 years! The other beautiful talents displaying their incredible skills for us included Alora Lux, Bianca Blance, Eva Ray, Tamsin Riley, Lina, Galya, Miss Vox and Cheetah and all them lived up to the billing and produced another classic show that will live long in the memory. In the cases of Tamsin Riley and Miss Vox, they were making their live show debuts - not that you could tell as they immediately looked at home and impressed greatly. Legendary Lina and glorious Galya were making returns after a long time (way too long!) away while the rest enhanced their already glowing and growing reputations in the squared circle. Not only did these ladies battle it out in three six minute rounds during each contest - refereed by the ever dependable Wimpy Nick. They even battled it out at the arm wrestling table - an extra treat fast becoming a post fight favourite with the wrestling fans. The lucky audience present lapped up every second of the event and showed their appreciation from the opening bell to the very last. If you were unlucky enough not to be there then we feel sorry for you…but we also can give you the next best thing to make up for it with these incredible clips! Download them now so you can enjoy this amazing show! Alora Lux vs Bianca Blance

It is something of a tradition for Monica’s Wrestling Centre live shows to start off with sensational, sizzling hot action and this was certainly upheld in our March 2022 event. Exciting, up and coming English wrestling beauty Alora Lux took on the exquisite Italian star Bianca Blance in Monica’s Ring of Pain. Bianca has bags of skills, power and experience and has built up a strong reputation. But Alora is learning quickly and quite simply isn’t the sort of girl who runs away from any challenge no matter how big or small! Both ladies were clearly itching to fight and they wasting no time at all getting to grips with one another as soon as the opening bell sounded to get proceedings underway. The Italian was clearly in the mood and on top form as she went to work on exerting her authority over Alora, who was fighting hard and digging deep to survive. But it was the brunette who got her fit and strong legs to good use to race to a couple of points ahead of Alora with head and body scissors.

Soon, we were seeing an array of moves from the European, demonstrating those skills she has honed from years of fighting and training. There were grapevine pins, guillotines, head scissors, body scissors, school girl pins and combination holds which had Alora struggling and wincing in pain. But full credit to Alora - she kept fighting hard and had Bianca in a few spots of bother herself at time. Her rival also had to concede that Alora had great “endurance” and take some punishment without giving up! Ultimately, though, there was one clear winner and Bianca was thrilling in all three rounds to the delight of the crowd. She even displayed her talent for arm wrestling after the contest! An impressive show opener! Eva Ray vs Tamsin Riley

From the second we paired these two off against one another, we knew we had a real treat in store for the crowd at Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s March live show! Two gorgeous young stars in Eva Ray and Tamsin Riley were never going to disappoint and they certainly lived up to the billing in this second match of the show. Eva Ray was discovered by Monica during lockdown but is now a firm favourite while Tamsin Riley was making her live show debut, although she is no stranger to these parts! They went at it and engaged in a breathless first round! The early stages saw them trying to squeeze the life out of each other with Tamsin applying a bear hug and Eva locking on a body scissor at the same time!

Both girls enjoyed success through body scissors and breast smothers while they battled hard searching for further success throughout the round. Round two followed the same pattern with both Eva and Tamsin digging deep to produce the goods both whilst on the attack and while fending off their rivals’ punishing moves. They were both determined to win and you can see (and hear) the sheer effort being put in as they rolled around, grappling all over the canvas trying to get the upper hand. The action swung one way and then the next as both Eva and Tamsin gave everything they had in pursuit of an all important, impressive victory. One of the girls did build up a healthy lead as we entered the final round but that didn’t tell the full story as it had been one hell of a contest up to that point. There were more submissions for both ladies in the final round, and both Eva and Tamsin deserved huge credit for an amazing show. Even the post match arm wrestle was thrilling and evenly contested too! Cheetah vs Miss Vox

The third match of Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s March 2022 live event was an intriguing and mouth-watering battle of the Bulgarians! Live show newcomer, the alluring Miss Vox, was making her debut against the Monica’s protege - the exquisite wild cat Cheetah and it was pretty obvious that these two just couldn’t wait to get their hands on one another! Cheetah has a bit of a size advantage but Miss Vox proved that wouldn’t be a hindrance to her as they went toe to toe battling all over the ring trying to get an early advantage. Both ladies spent time on the front and back foot and it took some effort - an impressive head lock and body scissor combination - to finally break the deadlock.

The first round went seemingly in the blink of an eye and the second round started at a similar quick tempo, with another action packed round unfolding before our eyes. The skills on show from both Miss Vox and Cheetah were impressive with scissors, head locks, grapevine pins, breast smothers and combination holds being applied and fought out of by both ladies. Submissions were not being given away easily though and the next one only arrived due to it being a perfectly executed and extremely painful looking ankle lock! Despite the intensity of the fighting, the match was being contested in a great spirit with even some interaction with the crowd adding to the fun of the occasion! But these absolute warriors are in the business of earning submissions and, as the match drew to a close, that is what they secured through moves including scissors and vicious head locks. By the end, there was a clear winner but both Cheetah and Miss Vox knew they’d been in an incredible battle right to the end! The post fight arm wrestle was equally hard fought! Eva Ray vs Galya

We knew the fourth match of Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s March 2022 show would provide red hot action to match the red hot women taking part in it! Gorgeous Galya was making a very welcome return to live shows and taking on exquisite Eva Ray, who had already strutted her stuff in the squared circle earlier in the event. And, as expected, as soon as the opening bell for round one sounded, we were treated to some exciting fast paced action as these two beauties battled for supremacy in the Ring of Pain. Both certainly enjoyed their moments on top, letting each other know that they were not there just making up the numbers! Galya has considerably more experience than Eva Ray but the petite red head has shown she can take on - and beat - more experienced fighters on her day. Throughout the whole contest, there were times when both ladies found themselves in trouble but we were tough enough and resilient enough to not only soak up the pressure but to fight their way out of trouble.

Submissions did come through an array of moves including body scissors, head scissors and combination holds but these proved to be minor breaks in the action as both Eva and Galya continued to go at it at the fast pace. The tension and determination was written on both their beautiful faces and you can sense how much each wanted to win this and notch up an impressive victory under their belts. The sheer talent, strength, flexibility (Eva in particular seems to be able to bend in all kinds of directions!) and will to win made this a memorable contest. By the end, there was a decisive winner but both Eva and Galya deserved the warm applause and cheers they received at the end. The post fight arm wrestle was a bit more one sided though…! Lina vs Tamsin Riley

On paper, the fifth match of Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s March 2022 live show had all the hallmarks of a terrible mismatch. Legendary, lovely Lina has beaten many a great, strong and experienced wrestler and left them broken on the mats, so it felt like we were sending a lamb to the slaughter by asking gorgeous newbie Tamsin to take her on. But it seemed as if Tamsin was completely oblivious to Lina’s fearsome reputation and she strutted confidently to the ring and then showed she was ready to fight hard in their opening exchanges. Instead of submitting at the first sign of trouble, Tamsin was holding her own and showing great endurance and bravery.

However, there is no substitute for talent and Lina has that in abundance. She persevered and finally broke the dead lock with an incredibly vicious looking arm bar. When she repeated the trick a short time later, Tamsin may have been worried about losing her limb! But, full credit to the newbie, she kept on coming back for more and certainly didn’t let a couple of submissions against her stall her efforts to try to upset the odds. All of this meant that Lina had to up the ante and increase her efforts to inflict pain and, obviously, she was never going to shy away from that so she dug deeper and tried to put Tamsin through the grinder. Inevitably, more submissions were being gained as the experienced fighter demonstrated why she has long been one of the most gifted wrestlers in the scene. While the outcome was never in doubt, there is no question that Tamsin enhanced her reputation and showed bravery, spirit and good sporting attitude (she helped Lina avoid a wardrobe malfunction at one point) throughout! Alora Lux vs Jeannie Hunter

We always get excited about overdue returns of legends to Monica’s Wrestling Centre live shows but this one was extra special, to say the least! One of Monica’s oldest industry friends, beautiful Jeannie Hunter made a hugely welcome come back to a UK wrestling ring for the first time in 20 years! And what better way to welcome her back by pitting her against one of the rising young talents in the business, the ultra sexy Alora Lux, in the sixth match of the March 2022 event. A cougar v kitten encounter, if you like! Jeannie still looks amazing but the question would be whether she would be UK ring rusty and she emphatically answered that within the opening minutes of the first round. After battling out of a nasty looking body scissor applied by Alora, Jeannie turned the tables and earned a submission with a reverse head lock and grapevine combination. It looked as painful as Alora’s moans and groans sounded!

Feisty Alora is no shrinking violet though and she was not going to make things easy for the returning legend - going on the attack and forcing Jeannie to fight hard to escape as she looked to upset the welcome back party. Soon both of these fine wrestlers were rolling around the ring, executing hard moves only to find the other showing great steel and determination to take the pain and fight her way out to safety. It became an exhilarating contest between the veteran and the up and comer which involved some seriously hard and exciting wrestling from the pair of them! They fought hard all the way and both Alora and Jeannie enjoyed some well-earned success as the match drew to its conclusion. There was a decisive winner in the end - as there was in the post match arm wrestle - but everyone including the ladies enjoyed this one! Miss Vox vs Lina

The seventh battle of Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s March 2022 live show was mouthwatering and intriguing in equal measure! The young exciting Easter European Miss Vox squared up to the experienced super Swede Lina before they engaged in a test of their excellent skills, impressive endurance, sheer strength and will! Blonde Lina moved to impose her authority on Miss Vox at the opening bell but was immediately made aware that her dark haired opponent isn’t the sort who just rolls over for anyone. They were soon battling all over the canvas, either trying to attack or resisting offensive moves, and it didn’t take long before the transfixed crowd were on the edge of their seats watching action unfold. Scissors were locked on, pins were imposed, arm bars threatened serious damage and an array of holds executed which would have made lesser fighters tap within seconds. But these two warriors didn’t just take the pain and resist tapping out - they fought their way out of trouble and carried on fighting!

The first submission didn’t come easily and when it finally happened, everyone including the fighters themselves seemed shocked to see it arrive! One thing it didn’t do was upset the rhythm of this pulsating contest and both Lina and Miss Vox continued to thrill and mesmerise before the second submission of the match came along too. They were both displaying their talent, both displaying their determination and both achieving success as a result of some incredible technical grappling which was a real treat to watch. With it all to play for, they didn’t let us down in the final round - they almost went through the ropes at one point! But was there a winner of this superb, competitive battle? Download to find out. All we will say is the post match arm wrestle was equal hard fought! Galya vs Cheetah

The penultimate match of Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s fabulous March 2022 live event saw another clash between two ultra gorgeous Bulgarian beauties! The ever-popular Galya faced off against the rising superstar that is Monica’s protege Cheetah to the delight of the lucky guys in the audience. And to make things even better, it soon became apparent that these two beauties were well up for the fight, dancing around the Ring of Pain trying to get the early upper hand in what was sure to be a fabulous battle. But while the big smiles might have suggested it was all a friendly affair, it also soon became clear that there is no such things as friendly fire once they get their pins, body scissors, headlocks and combination holds locked onto one another! The first submission of the match didn’t come easily. In fact, it came after some serious effort on the attacker and some serious resistance on the part of the victim!

Galya and Cheetah fought at breakneck speed and the rolled around all over the canvas while locked up as they searched for all important submissions to help them reach the promised land of victory! We were treated to bear hugs, head locks, body scissors, an array of pins, tangled up bodies, combination holds - it was tiring just watching them fight at such a pace! Both Galya and Cheetah enjoyed success during the contest and this merely spurred them on to fight harder to get even more submissions under their belt. Their enthusiasm, their will to win and the pace in which they fought carried on into the final round and right up until the last bell. There was a clear winner - as there was in the subsequent arm wrestle contest - but there was also no doubt that both Cheetah and Galya had served up an extra special treat! Bianca Blance vs Jeannie Hunter

And so to the grand finale of a truly memorable Monica’s Wrestling Centre March 2022 live show and we signed off with an absolute corker. Two incredible athletes and talented wrestlers in the shape of Italian beauty Bianca and gorgeous Jeannie from across the pond were never going to fail to deliver. In fact they exceeded expectations. As soon as they locked up and rolled around the Ring of Pain, jostling for the dominant position, we knew we were in for a real treat! Both are strong and skilled and not shy about showing this off as they countered each other’s moves while trying to get on the offensive at every opportunity. It was hard fought with veteran Jeannie - making her first appearance on these shores for 20 years - and Bianca giving everything they had got as the minutes ticked by. Sure enough the first submission, when it eventually came via a body scissor which was reluctantly conceded by the victim!

The pattern of the contest was well and truly set as Bianca and Jeannie continued battling all over the canvas exchanging locks and holds in a frantic bid to get those all important tap outs! Like the overall show itself, the match was flying by with everyone watching entranced by the superb action the two beauties were putting on for them. More submissions came to both ladies as we entered the final moments of the contest which set up an exciting, frantic finish! Both Bianca and Jeannie gave it their absolute all in this highly competitive and even contest fought in a fabulous spirit. They were locked up right up until the final bell sounded to end this amazing match. It was a fitting way to end a wonderful event. The post match arm wrestle did give us more of a decisive winner though! Download this instant classic!

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