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Lara Vanquished

Italian beauty Lara made a huge impact when she made her hotly anticipated debut at an MWC Live Event earlier this month.

Her dazzling wrestling skills and stunning looks caught the eye and she certainly made her mark at the show.

But she was also noticed by a certain dominant dominatrix who has been cutting through the Monica’s Wrestling Centre like a hot knife through butter and was back looking for fresh meat to chew up and spit out.

Madame Vanquish is a remorseless wrecking machine and Lara was the latest wrestler sent to try to stop her relentless destruction of grapplers in the scene!

Lara is fearless and she certainly looks up for the challenge but Madame Vanquish doesn’t care and she immediately scoops her opponent up as if she was as light as a feather.

Lara does her best to fight out of it and even wraps her shapely strong legs around the domina’s head and tries to squeeze but it has no effect and instead Madame Vanquish laughs at her!

But that is the least of the Italian’s concerns as her the dominatrix starts punishing her, starting off with a slamming back breaker which was incredibly painful if Lara’s scream is anything to go by.

Things continued to get worse for the beauty as Madame Vanquish gets to work and attacks using moves including ankle locks, heads scissors, arm bars, body scissors and bear hugs.

The agony seems to increase for Lara as her face becomes more contorted and twisted from the pressure being applied to her.

She did her best to resist and fight back but it was a case of deja vu as Madame Vanquish crushed Lara in the way others have been crushed before.

The ending of this was emphatic and it was Madame Vanquish standing over her stricken foe celebrating!

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