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Jeannie Hunter vs Galya

MWC live show favourite gorgeous Galya keeps on getting better and better each and every time she sets foot in the venue to take on other talented ladies.

But the young Bulgarian was facing one of her biggest challenges yet when she faced off against the American beauty Jeannie Hunter on the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats.

However, she has not built up her reputation by cowering from such challenges and it is clear that Galya is up for this as much as Jeannie is!

The contest starts of energetically and at a fast pace as both ladies try to get an early upper hand and exert their authority over one another - battling out of strong holds and trying to go on the offensive to get an advantage.

We see headlocks, body scissors and pins by both Jeannie and Galya before they each fight out of the moves and go on the attack. It is breathtaking stuff.

It is obvious that, despite the skill, power and speed of both of these ladies and not to mention determination, it is going to take some effort to get either of them to tap out!

Every time it looks like one of them might submit, she finds the energy and will to power out. The intensity is written all over Galya’s and Jeannie’s faces as the breathtaking action goes back and forth as fight all over the mats.

This one goes right to the wire and they are locking up and scrapping hard right up until Monica tells them the war is over and they have to break.

This is a stunning battle between two strong and exceptional fighters who have a will and determination to win. But does Jeannie or Galya emerge as the champ? Download this instant classic to find out!

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How about a match between Denise and Ina Black.

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